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Definition of Fancy Colored Diamonds - Facts and Information
What is the Definition of a Fancy Colored Diamond? Pure or nearly pure diamonds are transparent and colorless. Colored diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause their color. Diamonds with a detectable hue (other than yellow or brown) are known as coloured diamonds. If the colour is strong enough, a stone may be referred to as a fancy colored diamond. Fancy Colored Diamonds may conceal flaws and inclusions more easily than colorless stones. The shades of Fancy Colored Diamonds include yellow, brown, blue, pink, green, purple or red.

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds
What are Natural Fancy Diamonds? Natural fancy color diamonds obtain their coloring from completely natural processes such as impurities or structural defects. The impurities are caused by the presence of the element Boron (B) in Blue Natural fancy colored diamonds and the presence of the element Nitrogen (N) in natural yellow colored fancy diamonds. Red, Pink & Brown Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are caused by crystal lattice defects during the formation of the diamond.

Desirability of Fancy Colored Diamonds
Natural Fancy diamonds are extremely rare and the more intense the color, the rarer and more expensive the fancy colored diamond will be. The desirability of natural Fancy Colored Diamonds has increased significantly over recent years due to celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, purchasing fancy colored diamonds and the amount of publicity that these events attract. The vast majority of people cannot afford to buy natural fancy colored diamonds so synthetic colored diamonds are increasing in popularity - these are real diamonds, but they are created in a lab and are therefore common and far less expensive.

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Color - The Ranked Value of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds
Fancy Colored Diamonds are ranked according to their rarity and value. What are the rarest Fancy colored diamonds? The following is the order in which Fancy Coloured Diamonds may be ranked in respect of rarity & value:

  • 1 - Red
  • 2 - Green
  • 3 - Blue
  • 4 - Pink
  • 5 - Mauve / Purple

How are Fancy Diamonds Categorised?
The Diamond Scale or Grade for White Diamonds range from D to Z (D = Colorless Z = Dark Yellow). Fancy colored diamonds have more color than 'Z' color grade. Colors are comprised of three elements:

  • Hue - hue is the attribute of color such as red, blue or yellow
  • Tone - tone describes the relative lightness to darkness from white which is zero tone to black which is 100 tone
  • Saturation - saturation describes the intensity of the color. The saturation of color in Colored Natural Fancy Diamonds is categorised as: Faint Very Light Light Fancy Light Fancy Fancy Dark Fancy Intense Fancy Deep Fancy Vivid ( the most expensive and rare )

Secondary colors may also effect the final color of the diamond.

Fluorescence of Fancy Colored Diamonds
The Fluorescence of Fancy Colored diamonds is also a factor to take into consideration. But what exactly does the term 'Fluorescence' mean?  Definition: A glow which emanates from certain diamonds when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is not usually noticed by the naked eye but as ultraviolet light is the lighting frequently seen in dance clubs the fluorescence, or glow, becomes apparent in this type of environment. Although fluorescence is not usually desirable in a white diamond (it gives a hazy effect) it can improve the appearance of diamonds that possess traces of color. The strength of fluorescence of fancy colored diamonds is described by the following abbreviations:

 Level of Fluorescence
N, NO, NONNo Fluorescence
F, FB, FT, FAFaint or Faint Blue Fluorescence
SL, SLB, SLTSlight Fluorescence

Medium or Moderate Fluorescence

S, ST, STB, STGStrong Fluorescence
E, EX, EXB, EFExtreme Fluorescence 

Color - How are Fancy Colored Diamonds described? The "ish" factor
The tints and shades of natural Fancy Colored diamonds are extremely varied and many consist of a primary hue and a secondary color.


If the primary and secondary color are virtually even throughout the diamond these will be described using the two colors eg "Purple Pink" If the primary color is dominant the secondary color will be described as "ish" eg Purplish The description " Purplish Pink" indicates that the primary, or dominant, color is pink and the secondary color is purple. Note that the secondary color precedes the dominant color in the description

Famous Fancy Colored Diamonds
Some of the world's most famous diamonds are the colored ones, the heavy Dresden Green, for instance, and the infamous Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond, which is blue in color. For more detailed information on any of the subjects on this page please refer to the links via the Index.


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Fancy Colored Diamonds


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